Sawgrass Name

How did the Sawgrass Real Estate Academy get its name?

I often receive questions on why the name “Sawgrass” was selected.  Some have wondered if this is based on geographic location, such as Sawgrass in St. John’s County. This is not the case as we are a state-wide school headquartered in the Tampa Bay area.

Our mission and vision is built around the idea of empowering Florida real estate professionals, with the idea that a strong real estate industry will fuel the state and local economies.  As a third-generation native Floridian, I wanted this school to have deep roots in the communities we serve.  I was looking to create a brand that strikes a balance between the real estate industry appreciating the natural beauty of Florida and seeking future, sustainable growth opportunities.

Sawgrass (or Cladium jamaicense) is a sedge found throughout the state – it comprises about two-thirds of the vegetation in the Everglades.  Sawgrass also has potential as a biofuel, and may one day replace corn in the development of ethanol.

Sawgrass is becoming a common symbol in Florida.  We are increasingly seeing housing developments, parks, country clubs, malls, and roads with “Sawgrass” in their names.  The state’s anthem, written by music teacher Jan Hinton and adopted by the Florida legislature in 2008, is titled “Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)”.

SAWGRASS also serves as the perfect acronym for our brand values.  We provide Florida real estate professionals with courses and trainings that are…

Strategic – Courses and trainings should assist real estate professionals and companies in meeting their strategic goals.
Adaptive – Courses and trainings should respond to the needs of the individual learner.
Worthwhile – Courses and trainings should not just be viewed as checklist items, but rather, as relevant and meaningful experiences.
Global – Learning does not just occur in formal settings, but across a variety of platforms and contexts.  Courses and trainings should be designed accordingly.
Results-focused – At the end of the day, the purpose of taking a course or training is to produce results.  Courses and trainings should help individuals and companies produce results that trickle up to help transform the broader industry and community.
Action-oriented – Participants of courses and trainings should play an active role in learning.
Supportive – Courses and trainings should be complemented by resources for ongoing support.
Sustainable – Courses and trainings should be designed to help real estate professionals develop long-term paths to success, which in turn will help create thriving and sustainable communities.

Chris Lumia
President and Founder

In partnership with OnCourse Learning Real Estate, the Sawgrass Real Estate Academy offers Florida real estate pre-license, post-license and continuing education courses fully online.